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LIMITED EDITION Iron Eagle Pro Classic Physique Briefs - 2'' Black Mamba Velvet

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LIMITED EDITION Iron Eagle Pro Classic Physique Briefs - 2'' Black Mamba Velvet

Cut: Classic Physique Competition Briefs
Colour: black 
Material: Velvet Black Mamba foiled

Waist Guide

* Small:  28’’ - 30’’ / 71cm - 76cm --- Back Width  7’’/ 17.5cm *  
* Medium: 30’’ - 32’’ / 76cm - 81cm --- Back Width 8’’/ 20cm *
* Large: 32’’ - 34’’ / 81cm - 86.5cm --- Back Width 9’’/ 22.5cm *
* X-Large: 34’’ - 36’’ / 86.5cm - 91cm --- Back Width 10’’/ 25cm *

 Iron Eagle Pro Classic Physique Briefs 'Mamba'. Our limited edition because the fabric is so stunning. Highest quality black velvet layered rich spandex, foiled with snake skin. Our velvet briefs briefs have a 0.75', gathered, elasticated waist band so your trunks don't peek open during vacuums but grab around your waist during every pose. Our Mystique© briefs are made with high grade, rich, super shiny, original foiled spandex fabric for ultimate fit, comfort and durability.

 The classic briefs are fully lined on the front and measure a sleek 2 inches on the laterals for the ultimate V tapered look. Large leg cut outs so you can show off your full quads and quad insertions and sharply cut on the back to show off your glute striations. Our trunks show off your physique in it's best light.

If you want to stand out on show day you need an Iron Eagle in your arsenal!

Washing instructions:
* Most fabrics wash well by hand in a sink of cold water but extra care is required.   
* Wash in shallow water and drain until water runs clear. 
* Hang to dry over a towel - do NOT tumble dry!
* Do not soak your trunks! soaking promotes the dye to run. 
* Do not dry clean your trunks! The chemicals they use are too harsh for the fabric